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Horsing about with dogs and lorries

The Autobiography of a Countrywoman of Character

'Joan Newell'

Edited by John Bradshaw

Front coverOn Saturday 20th October 2012 an event was held at Grange Farm Nursery to mark  the launch of Joan Newell's autobiography telling the story of her childhood growing up in Worcestershire, her adventures in the ATS during WWII, running a farm and founding Grange Farm Nursery with her friend and partner Joan Bradshaw.

The cover of the book (see opposite and below) was designed by local artist John Horton and the book was compiled and edited by Joan Bradshaw's nephew John, who has also published the story of his father Colin, who trained as an RAF fighter pilot and flew Lancasters in WWII.

The book launch was well attended, the weather kept fine and excellent refreshments were provided. Joan signed a lot of the books (see photo below).

Joan Newell signing books

About the book 

From the foreword: "Here is the full and interesting life of a warm, kind and entertaining character who draws the best from her fellow human beings." (John and Barbara Horton)

Accompanied by many photographs the text leads us from Joan's farming family in pre-war Worcestershire to the ATS in WW11 and then a very full rural life at Grange Farm in Guarlford, near Malvern, including the joy of looking after Sheila Wilcox's Event and Dressage horses.

According to Joan, "middle aged madness then resulted in the creation of a plant nursery, resulting in new challenges, new friends, many laughs and much hard work."

If you know and love the countryside you will enjoy this book.

Rear cover of book

Book details and where to buy

Horsing About with Dogs and Lorries

164 pages plus appendices

First published in 2012 by 

JRB Publishing

copyright D J Newell 2012

ISBN 978-0-9566403-5-2

Printed and bound by Aspect Design, Malvern

Available from Grange Farm Nursery

Price 15

The photo below shows some of the visitors at Grange Farm Nursery chatting after buying books and sampling the excellent buffet.

Visitors chatting at book launch

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