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The Guarlford History Group has published two books about the history of the village.

The first book, The Guarlford Story, was started at the suggestion of the Parish Council, as a Millenium project, and built upon the work of Joan Bradshaw of Grange Farm who had researched and collected a vast amount of material about the village. Publication of the book in 2005 was made possible by a grant from the Elmley Foundation and sponsorship by the Local Heritage Initiative.

As people came forward with more memories and photographs it was decided to produce a second book, The Guarlford Scene which was published in 2008.

The Guarlford Parish web site has also been developed to enable families and historians further afield to share our stories and to which further memories can be added in the future.

Please click the links above to find out more about the books.

As a taster you can read extracts from the first book The Guarlford Story by clicking here,

Sample pages of the Guarlford Story

How to purchase

Please click to go to page - How to purchase the Guarlford history books

Web publications

As well as the stories listed on the GHG page and samples of the chapters, you can now read the full text of chapter 7 of 'The Guarlford Story' about the Impact of War, by clicking the link below.

The Guarlford Story (ch 7) - The Impact of War

The full text of chapter 6 of 'The Guarlford Story' about the Village School is now also available to read on-line, by clicking the link below.

The Guarford Story (ch 6) - The Village School

The possibility of two further electronic publications is being considered.

Guarlford voices - a country childhood

Guarlford voices - parish personalities

If you have stories or photographs you would like to contribute or have recorded, we would love you to get in touch using the webmaster email address on the Contact Us page.

Other local publications

A treasure of local history books and documents can be found in the reference section of Malvern library. Here are some recent publications that you might also be interested in.

The Hanleys, Malvern through time, Return to duty, Science comes to Malvern

History of the non-conformist churches in Malvern

Last updated 21st February 2020