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Welcome to the Guarlford W I pages!

Do read our news, see what activities we like to do and browse our programme of meetings. If you would like to join us, then come along to one of our meetings - the first visit is free of charge - and meet our friendly group.

You will find us in the attractive upper room of Guarlford Village Hall located in Penny Lane. Entering postcode WR13 6PG on your satnav will get you sufficiently close.

There is some parking in Penny Lane but more can be found in Rectory Lane beside the church. There is a disabled parking space at the front of the hall and inside a chairlift is available.

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Guarlford W I was founded in 1941 and for nearly 80 years has been very much part of village life and the wider community. We belong to the Worcestershire Federation, which itself provides plenty of opportunities for further activities. The WI nationally has a long history of campaigning on a wide range of issues that matter to women and their communities, decided by delegates to the Annual Meeting every summer. So there is a lot for members to become involved in - or you can just come along for a pleasant social evening once a month. Whatever else, a warm welcome awaits you.

 How much does it cost to be a member of Guarlford WI?

For 2023 to 2024 the annual subscription is 46.

The subscription includes payment for copies of the WI magazine 'WI Life', which are posted direct to each WI member in the country.


A short history of Guarlford WI


Worcester Federation of WIs


National Federation of WIs which brings all WIs together



To contact us please e-mail: wifolk@guarlfordparish.uk


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