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Frank Jarrett (1901 - 1958)

Local Butcher and Dance Band Leader

Frank and Ivy on their motor bike circa 1930

Many of the older residents remember Frank Jarrett. His daughter Pat provided these lovely photographs which arrived too late to be included in 'The Guarlford Scene' so are included here in memory of her father.

Frank, born in Warwickshire moved to Hanley just outside the parish boundary and married Ivy Gladys Clark who was the daughter of Thomas and Alice Clark, a long established Guarlford family.

Ivy and her parents lived in one of two cottages opposite the church.

The photo opposite, taken in Penny Lane shows Frank and Ivy shortly before they were married in 1931. The barns at Guarlford Court can just be seen in the background.

Frank, the son of a haulier, worked for Phipps the butcher in Hanley Swan.

He was often seen making deliveries driving a horse and cart dressed in a spotless white coat and blue and white striped apron. He would also call at farms to kill pigs.


Frank and Ivy on their wedding day in 1931

Frank and Ivy got married at Hanley Swan. Ivy's parents wanted her to be married at Guarlford, but the couple chose Hanley Swan as Frank was the organist. Ivy's father can be seen on the right of the photo.


Besides being the organist at Hanley Castle and Hanley Swan, Frank was leader of the village band and played the piano at dances and social events. Frank was also a member of the Guarlford football team and took part in the Guarlford marathon.  The marathon was a handicap race of three and a half miles run on Derby Day. It was run from the Homestead via Clevelode and The Rhydd back to the church.


Frank also enjoyed taking part in fancy dress competitions.  At one fete he was pictured being pushed in a Bath Chair by the man who pumped the bellows of the church organ.


Frank's daughter, Pat, attended Guarlford School and stayed with her grandmother Alice, when her mother Ivy had to do  war work in Malvern Link during WWII.



The Clark Family

Frank's mother-in-law Alice Elizabeth Clark (nee Davis) was a hard worker. She was the caretaker at Guarlford School and had to light the fires during the winter; she cleaned at various houses including Cherry Orchard and Woodbridge Farm, was a laundress, picked soft fruit, peas etc in season, besides bringing up a large family. She was the daughter of Elizabeth Davis born Guarlford 1844 who it is believed was also a laundress living in Rhydd Road after her husband William died.

Frank's father-in-law Thomas was born in Buckinghamshire. Before his marriage to Alice in 1903 he was a coachman at Dripshill House and later worked on a farm at the Rhydd and for the Lanes at Woodbridge Farm.

The photo below was taken about 1920 by AE Martin the headmaster of Guarlford School. Thomas and Alice Clark are seated. At the back are Charles and Harold with Ivy (born 1907) in the middle. The children in the front row are Edie, Jim, Lily and Nelly

Thomas and Alice Clark and their family about 1920

The original cottages opposite the church were eventually demolished and modern bungalows now stand in their place.