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History of the non-conformist churches in Malvern

Front cover of dissenters allAlthough there have been several books about the origins of the Anglican church in Malvern, and particularly about  the Priory, little has been written about the many non-conformist churches and chapels, until now.

In his new book 'Dissenters All', Rod Ellis tells the story of the non-conformist churches, chapels and meeting places of the Malverns, from about 1806 to the present day.

This charming book is full of interesting stories about the non-conformists who have worshipped locally during the last two centuries and contains many colour pictures of the buildings in which they still meet, as well as those put to new uses.

For example, did you know that the beautiful building which now houses the Belle Vue Fitness and Beauty Centre on the Wells Road started life as a Methodist chapel in 1827?

The book will be of interest not only to those interested in local history but also those who would like to know more about the growth of the non-conformist movement generally.

About the author

Rod Ellis is a former secondary school  teacher and Royal Air Force officer. He is a Methodist local preacher, comes from Southport in Lancashire and describes himself as a world traveller and sports enthusiast.

Where to purchase

'Dissenters All' can be purchased in Malvern from The Lyttleton Well, The Priory Bookshop, and Beacon Books.



ISBN 13:   978-1-905795-16-1   UK 9.95

92 pages


Front cover of dissenters all

The Front cover of 'Dissenters All'

How many of these buildings do you recognise?