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The Dispensary

There was a 'Guarlford Dispensary' set up by the Beauchamps of Madresfield Court. The Parish Magazine of 1910 refers to the 'Boot & Clothing Club' and 'The Dispensary', two parochial benefit societies, which the Rector wished to be supervised by a committee, now that he "is to be absent for so long a period" on his sabbatical to New Zealand. The Dispensary was already in the Rector's debt "to a considerable amount" as the large sum of money needed to enable it to pay its way could not be raised purely from the members' payments. The committee had taken over by Thursday 22nd December 1910 when a committee meeting was held to agree some new rules to come into force on January 2nd 1911. Subscriptions each month were to be:

Husband with wife and children (if under sixteen) one shilling.

Widow or widower with children (if under sixteen) nine pence;

Husband and Wife nine pence;

Single person eight pence,

These rules applied to 'cottagers' only, "all others will pay the old rate of subscription". At that time, subscriptions had to be paid on the first Monday in each month at the Rectory Room. Dr Baines would then attend, if necessary, for the month of issue only. The cards were not transferable and if subscriptions were not up to date the person concerned would not be entitled to medical attendance. People also had to pay for medicines: "ůmembers will pay the whole cost of medicines supplied by the doctor, viz., six pence for the first bottle and eight pence for the following ones" . . .