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 Welcome to Guarlford, Worcestershire, England

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Welcome to the Home Page of the website of Guarlford a small hamlet two miles east of the Malvern Hills. The website has migrated to the new domain from so if you have bookmarked individual pages in your web browser you will need to replace the old domain name by the new one.

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On our website you will find information about the village, the Parish Council, the church, Village Hall and the Women's Institute. Also there are extracts from our books about the area and reminiscences of local residents.

What is TARGET 150?

Our village hall still needs better insulation, heating, repairs to the roof and some other work. More details about the programme can be found in the Village Hall report in the Grapevine. The ambitious target was to raise £150,000 and that has almost been achieved thanks to generous grants and fund raising.

2023 had been an exciting year for Guarlford Village Hall with commencement of the  modernisation programme, and lively social events for all residents in Guarlford and the surrounding areas, their families and friends. Upgrade of the toilet facilities and creation of the Peter Mayner room was completed

Modernisation of the kitchen, which started in January 2024 is almost complete. Unfortunately use of the village hall is likely to be restricted this year due to the ongoing building work. For more information please contact the village hall secretary email: or look at the village hall hire charges page for information on how to book.

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