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Meeting to decide the Rose Farm Easements

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A very important event was to have occured on 20th November 2018. The Malvern Hills Trust planned to hold a special meeting either to approve or refuse the application by the Rose Farm Partnership, believed to be connected to The Wilesmith Trust, for a large access road across the Common into Chance Lane.

Permission for an emergency access crossing Jackpit Lane into Hall Green Close is also being requested.

Approval could damage the rural approach to Malvern along the Guarlford Road forever, and lead to the building of two and three storey houses in the field opposite the Green Dragon.

However on 15th November the Malvern Hills Trust said announced that the special meeting had been postponed; this is thought to have been due to a legal challenge by the residents association. Possibly this meeting may now take place in January 2019.

It is important that as many residents as possible attend the meeting to demonstrate the public's disquiet about this application. Please come along if you are able.

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Residents up in arms about Rose Farm Easement




The Rose Farm Partnership wants to build a housing estate in the field opposite the Green Dragon, Guarlford Road. They have asked the Malvern Hills Trust (formerly the Conservators) for:

an easement across the common from Chance Lane consisting of a wide road & pavements;

and another ‘emergency’ easement into Hall Green Close via the ancient Jackpit Lane.


Site of proposed access road

‘The Friends of the Commons of Malvern’ is a Residents’ Association set up to persuade the Trust not to grant these easements, as this would destroy the beautiful approach to Barnards Green and the Malvern Hills, plus amenity areas much loved by the local population. To contact the 'Friends' please email:


You can also look at their page on Facebook.


The tag is:  @FriendsCommonsMalvern


The Trust Board may soon be making a decision about the easements, and what concerns us is that:

the Trust is washing its hands of responsibility for the consequences of any planning application after the granting of the easements, whatever its potential effects on the area;

the Trust has said that they must balance financial gain against care for the countryside, because if an estate is built, The Trust could, in return for the easements, receive millions of pounds.




(The deadline for comments is Friday 17th August, so please act now)


Note: the deadline could be extended so don't let that stop you expressing your views to the Malvern Hills Trust.


Email or write to

Malvern Hills Trust, Manor House, Grange Road, Malvern, WR14 3EY


Rose farm and Malvern Hills

Rose Farm and Hills viewed from Chance Lane


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