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The Parish of Guarlford

Malvern mobile library timetable 2014

The mobile library visits Guarlford every three weeks on a Wednesday afternoon, between 1:50 and 2:20 pm usually stopping near the Village Hall in Penny Lane (see below).

Books can also be renewed on-line and by phone..

Email enquiries should be made to Malvern Library

Mobile library van

15th January

5th February

26th February

19th March

9th April

30th April

21st May

11th June

2nd July

23rd July

13th August

3rd September

24th September

15th October

5th November

26th November

17th December

Sometimes renewing books over the internet does not work. In that case call the help desk and ask them to contact the library in Malvern who can usually fix the problem

To contact the library by telephone dial: 01905 822 722.  This number puts you through to the main library help desk in Worcester, where books can be renewed over the phone.