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A new role for Revd Sue Irwin

Elim appeal for Syrian refugees

Family friendly service at St Mary Madresfield

The Malvern Food Bank

A new role for Rev Sue Irwin

Announcement on Sunday 22 January 2017

The Bishop of Worcester congratulates the Reverend Sue Irwin on her appointment to the office of Chaplain at St Oswald’s Hospital with some ministry at Worcester Cathedral. Bishop John is sure that all present will wish to join him in thanking Sue for her ministry as Vicar of Powick and Guarlford and Madresfield with Newland, and in wishing her every blessing for the next stage of her Christian ministry.

Bishop’s Office, The Old Palace, Deansway, Worcester WR1 2JE

Elim appeal for Syrian Refugees

Elim Missions based in West Malvern has started an appeal in aid of Syrian refugees. We have been told that a drop off point has been set up at the Sugarloaf Cafe opposite the Theological Centre; if anybody is willing to start work in their community or church and collect clothes (particularly winter and waterproofs), dental products, feminine hygiene products and dry foods that won't spoil and can be eaten without being cooked, then they can deliver them to the drop off point and Elim will make sure they are delivered. Please make sure that all clothes are clean, dry and bagged-up and pass any questions to Andy at e-mail:

Family friendly services at St Mary Madresfield

Posted: 8th July 2015

Currently, services which are particularly family friendly are held at our sister church, St Mary Madresfield.

Sunday Worship on the first Sunday of the month at Madresfield often includes a short period of discussion and a cup of tea or coffee. This is aimed at adults and older children, but everyone is welcome.

The parish has strong links with Madresfield C of E School located opposite the church, and parents are encouraged to join their children when events are held there.

A popular Childrens' Service for pre-school children and parents is held at 2:15 pm at Madresfield on occasional Mondays in term time, lasting about thirty minutes. Details can be found on the services page of the Guarlford village website.

A team of volunteers from the parish are part of the Open the Book project, and each week the team visits Madresfield C of E School to present Bible stories during assembly, often dramatizing them. These assemblies are very popular with the children, who enjoy being involved in telling the stories.

A new venture is 'Messy Church' for children and families on occasional Sundays.

Church Jubilee Gates Appeal

Posted 22nd November 2015

We have some strong new gates; a special thankyou to Don our churchwarden for organising that and all the work he does for the church.

Posted 29th May 2013

To all Friends of Guarlford Church:-

Visitors to St Mary's Church, Guarlford may have noticed that the church gates leading into Rectory Lane are in poor condition and are nearing the end of their useful life.

They have been patched up for a number of years but the time has come when the only way ahead is to replace them. These gates, along with the pair leading onto the main road, were donated by Geoffrey and Margaret Boaz many years ago, probably the late 1950's, and were probably replicas of the gates they replaced. It is likely that the decorative iron furnishings were salvaged from the previous gates

The gates leading onto the main road were stolen about 1995 and the gates now there were made by Stephen Cooper and his woodwork tutor.

The Archdeacon of Worcester, The Venerable Roger Morris, has authorised replacement of the existing Rectory Lane gates with replicas made in oak and re use of the existing decorative iron furnishings and since the new gates will be made and installed this year, the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty's Coronation, it is intended to mount a small plaque on the gates to that effect.

Custom built gates in oak will be very expensive and naturally any donations towards the cost would be very welcome. Any cheques should be made to Guarlford and Madresfield with Newland PCC, endorsed on the back Guarlford Church Gates and passed to the Rector or one of your churchwardens.

Don Hill, Churchwarden.

The Malvern Food Bank

Posted: 8th July 2015

The Malvern Hills foodbank is now up and running. It has its own web site and a depot in Spring Lane from where food is distributed.

If you click the News and Events button on the foodbank website you will see a list of items in short supply.

Non-perishable items for the foobank can be left in church and at other locations (see foodbank website).


Posted: 25 Feb 2013

At the 'Giving not Getting' Service at Madresfield on 2nd December we were told about the setting up of the Malvern Food Bank.

This project is being led by the Eden Church in Malvern Link together with Churches in Malvern and the Lyttelton Well.

What is it for

The Malvern Food Bank is being set up to help families in moments of dire need. For example families with no food waiting for a Social Security Benefit to be paid.

How can I help

The Malvern Food Bank relies on volunteers and food being donated by people of goodwill. Gifts can either be left at the back of the church after Sunday service and from there will be delivered to the Lyttelton Well, or gifts can be taken direct to the Lyttelton Well, which may be more convenient for some, being open all day.

Food taken to the Lyttelton Well and other collection points is delivered to a central warehouse from where aid is distriobuted.

How to get help

Families and single people needing help should contact Social Services or their church who will provide a referral to Malvern Food Bank.

Shopping list for Malvern Food Bank

The needs of the Food Bank are likely to change as the project develops, but here are some ideas.


Dried milk



Tea bags


Fruit juice in cartons with long date



Snack bars




Pasta suces

Tinned meat

Tinned fish

Tinned sponge puddings

Tinned tomatoes

Tinned vegetables

Tinned fruit

Tinned rice pudding

An extra tin in your weekly shopping will do it! Anyone can help - you do not need to be a church goer. For more information please contact either Eden Church in Malvern Link near the old fire station or the Lyttlelton Well.


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