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More about the Benefice of Powick and Guarlford and Madresfield with Newland

Overview of the Benefice

Our Benefice includes the ancient church of St Peter at Powick and its chapel of ease, St James at Callow End, plus the churches of St Mary the Virgin at Guarlford and Madresfield.


 St Peter Powick

St Peter's at Powick is a large church with a choir, kitchen and toilet facilities, a bell tower and a large churchyard. Parking is available along the drive leading to the Church.

Powick congregation

Congregation at St Peter


Not far away is Powick Church of England Primary School and Powick village hall which is next to the school.


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St James Callow End

St James at Callow End is a small brick built church. It is now carpeted and has comfortable chairs in place of the old pews, plus kitchen and toilet facilities, creating a useful and adaptable space.

St James Callow End

Chris Mesley and his wife after speaking at St James


There is a modern sound system, computer, projector and screen, so the words of hymns and other material can be displayed in front of the congregation.

Cafe Church at St James

Cafe Church at St James


On one side of the church is Callow End Church of England Primary School and on the other is Callow End Working Men's Club.

Parking is either in a small lay-by opposite the church or in the road.

Callow End village hall is not far away on the Upton Road to Worcester.


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St Mary Guarlford

ChurchThe church of St Mary the Virigin at Guarlford is a small country church built in 1844. The churchyard, though nearly full, is still in use, and is very pretty, especially in Springtime. There are wonderful views of the Malvern Hills.

Guarlford is also the home of the well-known and popular Grange Farm Nursery, situated opposite the Church (see photo below).

There are no kitchen or toilet facilities in the church, but the village hall, which has both, is nearby, where every December there is a Christmas Fayre to raise funds for the parish churches and village hall.

Parking is available in Rectory Lane behind the church.

Photo opposite: flower festival at St Mary's.

Montage of Guarlford village

Guarlford Nursery, phone box, post box, and sign


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St Mary Madresfield

AltarThe church of St Mary the Virgin at Madresfield, was built in 1867, by the Lygon family of Madresfield Court. The year 2017 marked the 150th Anniversary of the official consecration of the church by the Bishop of Worcester.

It is a popular venue for weddings, baptisms and funerals.

(Photo left: the altar by Mick Levick).

The church has a bell tower, and a team of bell ringers.

There are presently no kitchen or toilet facilities in the church, but the possibility of fitting in a small kitchen and toilet at the bottom of the tower is actively being explored. Funds will of course need to be raised, so if you think you might be able to help, in whatever capacity, please contact the vicar or churchwardens.

Madresfield Church of England School is directly opposite the church, and there is a private nursery school around the corner called the Madresfield Early Years Centre, which has an excellent reputation and a Christian ethos.

Children going to school can be dropped off in the car park of the Madresfield Working Men's Club to save parking in the road.

A Children's Service for preschool children and their carers is held in the church on Monday afternoons twice a term, and a team from the parish goes into the School once a week to present an 'Open the Book' assembly, (familiarising the children with stories from the Bible).

The main fund raising events are 'Daffodil Sunday and Spring Gardens' in March and the similar 'Open Gardens and School Fete' in June, both at Madresfield Court, courtesy of Mr and Mrs Chenevix Trench. Both events depend on parishioners and volunteers from the school working together to man the gates, car park, stalls and the tea room.

Madresfield congregation

150th anniversary congregation at Madresfield


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Madresfield Cpurt

Madresfield Court

St Leonard Newland

The Church of St Leonard at Newland, is now the chapel of the Beauchamp Community, and has its own programme of services and events. Some would say its services are 'high church', which many people like.

However, The burial ground at Newland remains the responsibility of our Parish, and the burial register is kept at St Mary, Madresfield.


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