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The Hanley's

A history of Hanley Castle and Hanley Swan by Malcolm Fare

In June 2010 a new illustrated history of the adjacent parish of Hanley Castle was published by The Hanleys’ Village Society. The book contains 150 illustrations and many accounts of what life was like in the past

Published with the help of a Heritage Lottery Fund grant, the book is available from Hanley Swan village stores, local bookshops and tourist offices at £10.

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Front cover of THE HANLEYS

Recently on display at Malvern LibraryFront cover of 'Malvern Through Time'

Malvern library hosted a local history open day on 21st Feb 2010 to showcase two new books about the Malvern area.

Also, in a side room, Cora Weaver gave talks about the evacuation of children in WWII.

Malvern Through Time

Brian Iles introduced his new book 'Malvern Through Time' showing images of Malvern, as it used to be, and colour photographs of Malvern as it is now.

The pictures are taken from the same vantage point and it is fascinating to compare then and now.

The new book is a worthy follow on to Brian's earlier book 'Images of England, The Malverns' containing black and white photographs of bygone Malvern.

Printed by Amberley Publishing PLC

Price £12.99

ISBN 978 1 84868 223 8

Front cover of'Return to Duty'

Return to Duty

At an adjoining table Fran and Martin Collins spoke to visitors about their new book 'Return to Duty', which is an account of Brickbarn Farm, Merebrook and Wood Farm U.S. Army hospitals in Malvern, Worcestershire 1943 - 1945.

This is a follow on to their first book about the U.S. hospitals at ' Blackmore Park in WWII

All three hospitals were built by British contractors in 1943 and used by American hospital units until the end of the war in Europe. Brickbarn Farm was occupied until December 1945.

This book looks at the day to day activities in the hospitals using archive material and accounts and previously unpublished photos from those who were there at the time. It also looks in depth at the stories of some of the soldiers who passed through the hospitals. It touches on the impact that the occupants of the camps, both patients and medical staff, had on the surrounding area of Malvern.

Brewin Books 2010

Price £10.95

ISBN 978 1 85858 454 6

Front cover of 'Science comes to MAlvern'

Science comes to Malvern

Also on show at the open day were copies of another new book published by local historian Dr Ernest Putley shortly before he died.

It is a short monograph telling the story of the development of radar in Malvern from 1943 when the RAF Telecommunications Research Establishment (TRE) came to Malvern to 1953.

The book is illustrated with diagrams and photos.

Published by Aspect Design, 2009

50 pages, price £5

Available from Beacon Books and Malvern Museum



Martin Collins showing visitors information about the hospitals